“It’s a wonderful educational tool!”

04/21/16:   We could not be more excited the most recent news from our donor community. So excited for opportunities in the future. Please enjoy this beautiful story from one of my most cherished friends. 


A 1st grade student who I work with loves to play Dinner’s Ready so much that he signed up for the cooking class in his after school program and came to school wearing an apron that he made in cooking class (he wore it all day long! over his snowpants!) We are talking a lot about the difference between Appetizer, Entree and Dessert- why and what? In his world, he has never encountered these words before (except dessert!)

Another student, a 5th grader, also loves Dinner’s Ready, and it has been the best because part of her treatment plan requires nutritional training, so we have been using Dinner’s Ready to build healthy meals! Great example was how pizza, pasta alfredo and baked potato are all entrees instead of three courses- haha, she’s dreamin. She has learned a ton and wants to try to cook on her own. It’s great that some of the Dinner’s Ready recipes are no bake recipes that we can make together at school.

Also, she loves the little tips/ facts on the ingredient cards- “ooh I’m going to have to tell that one to my mom.”

Just wanted to show you that it can be used in so many ways and settings. As many times as I have “played” this game, I have yet to play it as the rules intended, but it is a wonderful educational tool, thank you guys!

I recently watched Michael Pollan’s latest documentary (based on his new book) Cooked, on Netflix, and at one point experts are discussing how healthy foods have become expensive and only for the rich, when “it has to be the right of everybody”, which we can begin to do through education.

– Social Worker, Burlington, VT  03/13/16


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